European Coordination of Notified Bodies for Personal Protective Equipment

About PPE

The practical enforcement of the Regulation EU 2016/425 and the application of European Standards by notified bodies require an exchange of experience between notified bodies. The legal provisions governing the activities of notified bodies under Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and in particular the articles on coordination (Art. 36) and on the “administrative decisions and documents produced as a result of the work of that [coordination] group” which shall be applied “as general guidance” (Art. 24(11).

  • The European Coordination of Notified Bodies in the field of PPE is the forum where notified bodies discuss all questions of a horizontal nature relating to the involvement of notified bodies in the certification of PPE as laid down in the PPE Regulation, e.g. the interpretation of type examination procedures or quality control measures. Solutions are proposed on technical issues and recommended for use by all notified bodies under the form of ‘Recommendations for Use‘.
  • The Technical Secretariat is responsible for the coordination of the activities of the Horizontal Committee and acts as the contact point for all parties involved in questions relating to the coordination of notified bodies for PPE in Europe.

Recommendations for Use

Horizontal committee

The Recommendations for Use published on this website are those approved by the Horizontal Committee members. They are not endorsed by the PPE Expert Group at this stage.

When Recommendations for Use are endorsed by the PPE Expert Group, they are published on the website:

Horizontal RfUs

Vertical groups

Depending on the priority of current issues, Vertical Groups hold regular meetings at least once a year. The solutions on technical issues are prepared under the form of Recommendations for Use which are submitted to the Horizontal Committee for approval and then to the PPE Expert Group for endorsement.

Like in the case of horizontal RfUs the endorsed vertical RfUs are then published on the European website:

Vertical RfUs


The pdf files below contain the horizontal and vertical Recommendations for Use that where endorsed in relation to the Directive 89/686/EEG. These are the latest versions (November 2017 for the horizontal RfUs and July 2018 for the vertical RfUs) as they were published in the Commission’s sectoral website until 20 April 2019.

These RfUs in relation to the Directive don’t have any legal status but are provided for information purposes only.



Horizontal Coordination of Notified Bodies for Personal Protective Equipment

Technical Secretariat
Sara Balzano